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Places to visit

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Places to visit 

  • Gardens of Galloway, 6 independent gardens of interest to plant lovers and scenery. 
  • Visit many wild beaches and rocky headlands
  •

    The Rhinns of Galloway

    This is the western most region of south west Scotland, part of Dumfries & Galloway in the district of Wigtownshire.



    The Rhinns is a quiet area of Scotland largely forgotten by the Scottish tourist board yet the area boasts some of Scotlands most stunning scenery with a much milder climate. 


Campfires and BBQ’s


Campfires and BBQ’s

One of our campfire hearths

P 9 tent with campfire low res

For your safety, and that of others you must speak to us before setting up and lighting a campfire.

Disposable BBQ’s must be placed on the hearths set into the grass, at most pitches.  This is to prevent the grass burning and dying.

Campfires should be light in the firepits or wheels provided, placed on the brick or stone hearths.  We have grid racks available to place over your campfire if you wish to cook on it.

We also have a couple of portable firepits, which can be set up on pitches where there is no firepit.

We supply wood and fuel for your campfire.

PLEASE do not help yourself to logs or wood without checking with us first.










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1478568607 pine tree clipart likd5dn6t