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Places to visit

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Places to visit 

  • Gardens of Galloway, 6 independent gardens of interest to plant lovers and scenery. 
  • Visit many wild beaches and rocky headlands
  •

    The Rhinns of Galloway

    This is the western most region of south west Scotland, part of Dumfries & Galloway in the district of Wigtownshire.



    The Rhinns is a quiet area of Scotland largely forgotten by the Scottish tourist board yet the area boasts some of Scotlands most stunning scenery with a much milder climate. 


Facilities, and Access for Disabled Campers

Entrance Gate


This is a metal farm gate with a double action catch. There is tarmac between the road and the gate.

There is a campervan pitch and tent pitches within 20 metres of the facilities building, which is 5 metres inside the entrance gate. These pitches have electric hookups and level paths of compacted gravel. All tent pitches are grass.


Facilities     RSThe small toilet, with washbasin.


The facilities building has a half inch high step from the paths. Double doors each has clear opening 800

mm (31”). One door is kept open at all times except in extreme weather conditions.

Toilets and washbasins. Both toilets have a seat height of 470mm (19”) and have an ensuite washbasin. Both washbasins have lever mixer taps.

Cubicle One’s door opens 800mm (31” clear), has wheelchair turning space inside, and space for sideways transfer beside the toilet, with a full set of grabrails for the toilet and washbasin. The wall-hung washbasin and wall mirror are positioned for a wheelchair user and have grabrails and a shelf for toiletries at the side.

Cubicle Two is spacious but without grabrails.

Shower cubicle

There is one spacious shower room, with a “wet floor shower” area. The door has a clear opening of 790mm, and the cubicle is 1240mm (48”) wide. There are 2 wall fixed grabrails in the shower area, and a height adjustable shower stool. A shower curtain divides the wet shower area from the dry area, and there is space for a wheelchair inside the shower room. There are hooks and shelves for clothing and toiletries. The electric shower is positioned with the controls within reach of a seated user at 1220mm above the floor. A wheelchair user would need to reverse their wheelchair out of the shower room, if unable to walk a few steps into the shower room.

Washing up Sinks

IMAG0032These are in the communal entrance to the building. Both are set into a worktop at 950mm above the floor, and have lever taps. There is a space under with shelving, and a small under-counter fridge-freezer for shared use.

Light switches, electric sockets and shaver socket, within the building.

All are set at 1000mm above the floor. The outside light and the washing up areas light are worked off movement sensors, and have timers.


The building has some tube heaters beside the toilets, and in the shower room. These can be switched on if necessary in cold weather, but are not generally used in the summer.

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If you do have special requirements for your stay, please make us aware when you are booking for camping, so we can make sure we can meet your needs.




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